Testing… Sculpting Massages

I ENDURED AN EARLY incarnation of the flab-fighting spa treatment years ago, and it was so brutal it left me bruised for weeks. Now there’s a new generation of services that claim to beat cellulite, including the recently debuted Aroma…

Ask The Experts: The Shutter-Bug

BROWSING PHOTOGRAPHERS’ WEBSITES AND ONLINE BIOS, you’d think everyone was a "photojournalist." But while many claim to do this style of photography, not all deliver. Eric Barry, a Wellesley-based wedding shooter with professional news and editorial chops, is the real…

Testing… Zyrra Custom Bras

Falling straps, poking underwires, pinching push-ups — I’m perfectly average in the size department, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding the usual frustrations with my underthings. I’m not the only lady to lament the sorry state of her lingerie….

Summery Settings

New England ceramist Alison Evans is so obsessed with the ocean that she started crafting plates, platters, and nesting bowls mimicking the shape of an oyster shell. Some are finished with iridescent glazes that look like mother-of-pearl, but the simplicity…

Testing… The Standup Paddleboarding Workout

PART YOGA, PART KAYAKING, AND PART SURFING, standup paddleboarding first struck me as one of those overly clever, too-trendy sports. I dismissed it as the byproduct of bored athletes having too much time on their hands (dude, it’s from Hawaii)….

Register: Louis

DEBI GREENBERG HAS FINALLY fled the chain retailers on Newbury Street. In April, she moved her homegrown department store to an uncluttered stretch of Fort Point Channel — and while she was at it, she cropped “Boston” from the title….

Culture: The Zumba Uprising

ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, Super Bowl Sunday, a half-dozen women gathered at Café 47 in the Back Bay to take care of important business. As the football game blared from a nearby television, the group huddled around a laptop creating…