Ask The Experts: The Shutter-Bug

BROWSING PHOTOGRAPHERS’ WEBSITES AND ONLINE BIOS, you’d think everyone was a "photojournalist." But while many claim to do this style of photography, not all deliver. Eric Barry, a Wellesley-based wedding shooter with professional news and editorial chops, is the real…

Summery Settings

Oyster-inspired dinnerware sets the tone for a sophisticated feast.

Testing… The Standup Paddleboarding Workout

PART YOGA, PART KAYAKING, AND PART SURFING, standup paddleboarding first struck me as one of those overly clever, too-trendy sports. I dismissed it as the byproduct of bored athletes having too much time on their hands (dude, it’s from Hawaii)….

Register: Louis

DEBI GREENBERG HAS FINALLY fled the chain retailers on Newbury Street. In April, she moved her homegrown department store to an uncluttered stretch of Fort Point Channel — and while she was at it, she cropped “Boston” from the title….

Culture: The Zumba Uprising

ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, Super Bowl Sunday, a half-dozen women gathered at Café 47 in the Back Bay to take care of important business. As the football game blared from a nearby television, the group huddled around a laptop creating…