Corby Kummer

Dining Out: Area Four

Food that’s both fun and sustainable? You’ll find it at this new Cambridge spot.

Dining Out at Trade

TRADE IS AN IMPROBABLE success. It’s a big urban brasserie in a funky, beautifully renovated old brick building opened by a high-profile chef and her ambitious young partners. Why improbable? Not because of the talent. Since opening Rialto nearly two…

Dining Out: Catalyst

The Cambridge restaurant Catalyst tries to bridge high-tech and artisan, casual and grand, high-gloss and rustic.

Dining Out at Legal Harborside

The seafood chain has debuted a flashy fine-dining concept on the waterfront—and despite a few early hiccups, things are going swimmingly.

Dining Out at Locke-Ober

LOCKE-OBER, THAT VENERABLE INSTITUTION, that magnificent relic of Boston as a gathering place for the great and the good (and politicians, too), is on life support. As it goes into its 144th year, it sputters along, clinging to its third,…