Donna Garlough

The New Icons

No. 9’s prune-stuffed gnocchi. Toro’s grilled corn. The classics still stand tall, but a fresh crop of signature dishes has risen to join them.

The 50 Best Restaurants 2011

SO YOU WANT TO KNOW what the hordes think about dining out in the city? Just pull up one of a million amateur-review websites or flip through a couple of those quote-filled guidebooks. But if it’s serious, considered advice on…

The 50 Best Restaurants in 2011

If it’s serious, considered advice on where to eat that you’re after, you need this: the intelligent diner’s guide to dining out now.

Late to the Game?

Let’s face it: As dining trends go, Boston’s always a season (or two) behind. Does that make us a lesser food city?

Table Talk

What’s heating up our city’s restaurant scene.

Table Talk

Seeing Red    Where Bertucci’s once stood, Red Lantern now glows. The space on the seemingly cursed Stanhope Street (see: Stix, 33 Restaurant, Bomboa) has been reinvented by local design pro Peter Niemitz, who gave it a funky pan-Asian makeover, complete…

Catching a Buzz

Are beehives the new rooftop gardens? Donna Garlough gets up close and personal with the latest locavore obsession.

Spicing It Up

WHEN PATRICIA YEO DECIDES to throw a cookout, her guests know better than to expect a humdrum spread of burgers and crudités. The chef, who recently took over at Om in Harvard Square and is working on a forthcoming restaurant,…