Donna Garlough

Ocean’s Seven

Just how fresh is the fish around town? Here’s a peek at the provenance of some of our favorite plates.

Wine and Brine

Island Creek Oyster Bar’s Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli offers unconventional pairings for all your seafood favorites.

Small Bite at Meadhall

Meadhall may be in the Kendall Square spotlight, but we’re not sure if it’s really because of the food. Or the beer.

Table Talk

What’s heating up the city’s food scene.

Test: A Pregnant Pause

I WASN’T LOOKING TO GET SPOILED. Really. I just happened to notice that almost every local spa now offers treatments geared toward pregnant women. Huh, I thought, rubbing my distended belly. Someone oughta try those out. Plum assignment procured, I…

Table Talk: March 2011

BOOMING  With three new restaurants coming to the area, Kendall Square’s dining landscape is about to get a whole lot more interesting. There’s Abigail’s, featuring craft beers and an “ingredient-driven” menu prepared by Formaggio Kitchen and East Coast Grill vet…

Eat this Now: Redfish

With everything from bluefin tuna to winter flounder on watch lists, eco-minded chefs and diners are always looking for sustainable local seafood options. A promising prospect is Acadian redfish, one of the few populations of native groundfish — species that…

Eat this Now: Super Truffles

Last fall was a banner season for white truffles, as any local chefs who got their hands on them will avow. Many of the city’s restaurants, including Dante and La Morra, offered white-truffle specials, or even featured entire white-truffle-inspired menus….