Francis Storrs

The Economics of Leaf-Peeping

Travel to Massachusetts spikes in autumn, to a peak of more than 2.5 million visitors during October. Thirty percent of travelers to Massachusetts this month come for leaf-peeping, notably in the Berkshires.

Dunkin’s Run: A Love Story

Since opening the doors of its original shop 60 years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts has grown into an international juggernaut. Here’s why Bostonians don’t hold that against it.

Cape Cod Guide 2010: Itineraries: Chatham

FRIDAY 4 p.m. Check in at the regal Chatham Bars Inn and unwind before your evening outing. Doubles from $395, 297 Shore Rd., 508-945-0096, 4:30 p.m. Order takeout from the Pampered Palate, where the no-frills décor belies the gourmet…

Band of Brooders

IN HINDSIGHT, AEROSMITH’S 2009 TOUR looked like a slow, sad march to the end. [sidebar]Just before it started in June, the band’s rhythm guitarist, Brad Whitford, bumped his head climbing out of his Ferrari — surely one of the lesser-known…

There Will Be Blood and Money

ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST hospitals sits just off I-95 in Burlington, between the sprawling shopping mall and the office parks of tech firms. Founded in 1923, the Lahey Clinic has over the years built itself into a paragon of…