Francis Storrs

Dispatch: Sex and the School District

Desperate to catapult its schools into the upper ranks, Arlington brought in a savvy businessman to be its superintendent. But then came the threats, and the raunchy e-mails, and the scandal that showed just how divided the town really is.

Builder's Notebook: One Year, One House

THE BACKSTORYAfter bouncing around the country for nearly a decade, Sundar Srinivasan and Lara Bodie bought their first house, a five-bedroom English cottage in Brookline. Embarking on their maiden renovation project, the couple enlisted the help of construction consultant Bruce…

The Dan Brown Code

A pulse-pounding race to discover…Dan Brown. The astonishing truth behind history’s bestselling storyteller…unveiled at last.

Dispatch: Building a Better Wiener

Kayem Foods has been in the processed-meat business for a century. Now the Chelsea firm—new maker of the Fenway Frank—has hit upon a recipe it thinks can take on the industry’s biggest brands. But will a New England hot dog play in Peoria?

The Lady of the House

Isabella Stewart Gardner left strict orders: The palazzo she built on the Fens should never, ever change. But museum director Anne Hawley has some strong ideas of her own. Inside her radical—and risky—plan to propel the beloved institution into the 21st century.

This Old House: An Oral History

On its 30th anniversary, the creators, cast, and (mostly) lucky homeowners of This Old House reveal what the cameras haven’t shown—from how the series almost didn’t get off the ground to who really foots the bill for all those jaw-dropping renovations.

He’s Attorney James Sokolove

And those cheesy ads of his? They’ve done more than make him a pariah and a punch line. They’ve also created an under-the-radar empire that’s about to reinvent the business of ambulance chasing yet again.

A Most Proper Con

For decades, the man who called himself Clark Rockefeller searched for a place where he could lead the life he always felt he deserved. The exclusive story of how he finally found it—at least for a few idyllic months—right here on Beacon Hill.

Scenes from the Grease Wars

How sky-high energy prices and green chic turned Hub restaurants’ used fryer oil into a prize worth fighting dirty for.

Soak Opera

Used to be, custom sink faucets and showy shower tiling were as lavish as bathrooms got. Not so today, when bringing the spa experience home has erupted into big business. Last year alone, 40 percent of new bathrooms were labeled…