Jeffrey Klineman

Crunch Time

Nicole Bernard Dawes is poised to hit it big with her snack company Late July. But can she keep her business’s lofty ideals intact?

Appetite for Expansion

To save his law firm, Jay Zimmerman bet big on a wild growth spurt that turned Bingham McCutchen into one of the world’s elite, and turned him into a new kind of Boston empire-builder.

All in the Family

From its downstairs barbershop to its Playboy collection and booze supply, Mr. Sid has always been kind of a guy's paradise, as much clubhouse as men's clothing store. But that doesn't mean it's an easy place for a guy to…

Take Me to the River

The spiders of the Upper Charles still chase me in my nightmares. What could be a deer tick — I was never sure — still climbs the leg of my subconscious. A great blue heron flaps its gawky wings, beckoning…

The Dukes of Hazards

With your back to the mahogany bar in the Golf Club of New England clubhouse, you can look out through floor-to-ceiling windows at the 18th hole, the final stop in a links odyssey through prime New England woodlands. Up the…