Joe Keohane

Man Versus Machine

City councilor Michael Flaherty is young and full of ideas? But can he topple Menino?

The Making of a Mayor for Life

From time to time, Tom Menino transcends the corporeal urban mechanic and begins to resemble something out of a ghost story. Never is this truer than during an election year. An example: On a sunny day back in March, a…

Every Legacy Needs An Architect

Late this summer, work will begin on the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate. The vision for the $50 million facility includes a full-size replica of the Senate chamber, exhibitions honoring Senate history, even in-depth tutorials for incoming…

The Argument: A Turncoat's Manifesto

Bless me, Father, for I have gone and done the unthinkable. I have moved to New York. Not long ago, this would have been an act of profound betrayal, even cowardice. Betrayal because to voluntarily move somewhere else implies that…

The Haunt: Where Everybody Knows Your Byline

The formidable metal front door leads into a well-worn room where even the midday light struggles to penetrate the windows peering out onto East Berkeley Street. There are no seats at the bar, and patrons drink their Guinnesses and Buds…

Invasion of the Policy Snatchers

It may be a long time before Massachusetts matters again to presidential candidates, but the blitz of out-of-town cash that hit our state this election season showed there’s another way for us to be relevant: as guinea pigs for crackpot causes.

No-Sin Zone

If you can smoke it, swill it, or ogle it, chances are it’s a target of Tom Menino’s overreaching, sometimes downright hysterical anti-vice crusade. Here’s to enjoying the unwholesome fun while it lasts.

The Inanity Defense

In a banner year for local scandal, the public figures starring in the assorted follies have been offering up some mind-boggling excuses. It makes you wonder which is worse: the violation of our trust, or the intelligence-insulting whoppers that follow.