John Gonzalez


A decade and a half after they rocked stages with their high-pitched bubblegum pop, the New Kids on the Block are back. So, too, are the band’s shrieking fans, besotted as ever—but this time, with memories of their days before diapers and minivans.

The Gonz Show: John Cena

The wrestling star (and recently hired Gillette hawker) may talk tough, but he won’t get rough with John Gonzalez.

The Gonz Show: Donna Summer

Back in town with her first album of new songs in 17 years, Boston’s disco diva shares her Weltanschauung with John Gonzalez.

The Tyranny of the Meek

Opinions are like @$$&%!*$—and these days, the Globe doesn’t have nearly enough of either.

The Gonz Show: Eugene Mirman

The funnyman is here for a comedy festival billed as an “alternative,” but he won’t switch things up for John Gonzalez.

The Gonz Show: Amy Poehler

She’s come a long way from her first gigs at BC. But after this interview, the comedian can’t get far enough away from John Gonzalez. Did SNL pay you during the writers’ strike? No. We get paid per episode, as…

The Gonz Show: Joan Baez

The folk legend returns to her former Cambridge stomping grounds, and makes John Gonzalez wistful for the good ol’ (combative) days. You’ve played Club 47 in Cambridge many times in your career. It’s called Passim now, but are you excited…

Ben Mezrich: Based on a True Story

Ben Mezrich digs up real-life tales that are almost too incredible to believe, then turns them into bestselling books—and that has transformed the one-time Harvard geek into the bigshot writer he always wanted to be. Now, with the movie version…

The Gonz Show: Amy Sutherland

The BU prof became famous for using animal-training techniques on her husband. But can she tame John Gonzalez? The Sutherland File » Adjunct journalism professor at Boston University » Penned a New York Times column about training her husband, which…

The Gonz Show: Matt Taibbi

As New Hampshire kicks off primary season, the rising political scribe tells John Gonzalez which candidate to fear the most. Did growing up here help develop your love of the absurdity in politics? Between the Kennedys, Dukakis, Kerry, and Romney,…