Julie Suratt

Real New England Weddings: Newport, R.I.

Taryn Berk & Marvin Degon IVJune 22, 2008Belle Mer Island House, Newport, R.I. Photographs by Kristin Spencer Photography  Hockey player Marvin Degon has a passion for two things: the ice, and his new wife, Taryn. After his first pro road…

Double Trouble

Cathy Gruetzke-Blais knew her identical twins were a flight risk. At two years old, neither would sit in a shopping cart for more than a few minutes before trying to climb over the side and make a break for it….

Peak Season

Most of us have a favorite mountain that lures us to its slopes winter after winter. We're intimately familiar with the twists and turns of its runs, the speed of its lifts, and the softness of its barstools. It's comfortable,…