Katherine Bowers

Boston Top Doctors: Community Hospitals

Boston may be a major medical hub, but sometimes it’s okay to stay in the neighborhood — especially if you live close to one of these eight community hospitals.

Best Places to Live 2010: Guides & Advice

At the height of the market, if you could fog a mirror you could get a mortgage. Not anymore. While the process is not quite as invasive as a Logan Airport body scan, the rules are pretty stringent. HOW TO…

Best Places to Live 2010: Buy, Sell, Hold, or Rent?

Should you join the ranks of the homeowning? Is now the time to sell that too-small condo? The completely unsatisfying answer to that question is…it depends. If you’re sitting on a condo in Jamaica Plain you’ve owned for a decade,…

Best Places to Live 2009

Our annual guide to Hub real estate spotlights the lucky towns emerging from the market crash with their values intact. Plus: The smart buys for those still shopping, and sanity-saving tips for those staying put.

The Smart Buys in a Scary Market

We know: Between the topsy-turvy prices and the subprime mess, it’s a real estate nightmare out there. But after grilling dozens of brokers and hundreds of industry experts, we’re pleased to report there are some bright spots for jittery house-hunters (and owners). A road map to 29 neighborhoods and towns that are holding their value, or are poised to be big winners when the next boom rolls around.