Katherine Ozment

Losing Our Religion

Many adults are leaving religion behind. But as they become parents, they’re confronting an uneasy question: What about the kids?

Kids and Social Media: The Official Worry/Don't Worry Crib Sheet

Sexting Worry: Adolescent brains have undeveloped frontal lobes, the area responsible for reasoning and judgment. So yes, they will do stupid things with their cell phones. Don’t Worry: Researchers at the University of New Hampshire found the sexting rates reported…

Welcome to the Age of Overparenting

See Jane. See Jane walk downstairs. Clap, Mom and Dad, clap! See Mom and Dad clap, clap, clap. For everything Jane does. Welcome to the age of overparenting.

Family, Interrupted

When DJ Henry was shot to death by police last year, it made national headlines—a black college football player from a comfortable Boston suburb killed by white cops in Westchester County, New York. The media coverage focused on what had gone wrong and who was to blame. For DJ’s family, though, there was another important question: How do you grieve on a public stage?

Last Dance

Before the wrecking ball swings: one last look at Faces, the iconic nightlub where the party seemed to last forever.

Can Aaron Kushner Save the Globe?

Aaron Kushner, the former CEO of a small South Shore greeting-card company, has a top-secret cure for the dying newspaper industry. And he plans to put it to the test by buying the Boston Globe.

Public vs. Private — The Best High Schools

Chris Coughlin, a tall, sandy-haired senior at Noble and Greenough School, knew he’d had enough of Natick High School when his geometry teacher assigned a series of drawing projects that would make up a big part of his grade. “Obviously…

Who's Afraid of Aafia Siddiqui?

The men were ready. They knew the woman who would be joining them for the week was a high-profile Al Qaeda operative. They'd been told she should be treated with the utmost respect. She would arrive in Liberia's bustling capital,…

Present at the Revolution

Additional reporting by James Burnett, Erin Byers, Ciara LaVelle, Christian Polidoro, Andrew Rimas, and John Wolfson. Jesse Posner wants to hear the music. So when the Brookline High School senior steps out of the Park Street subway station, she veers…