Kevin Alexander

The Prep Gets the Last Laugh

Forget what you think you know about whale belts and popped collars. Why now more than ever New England’s singular sartorial aesthetic is the style for our times.

On the Prowl with the Cougar Hunters

Meet the cougar hunter. He’s that opportunistic twentysomething infiltrating the classy Back Bay bar, his sights set on a middle-aged conquest. And with him on the loose, the rules of Boston’s dating scene are turned upside down.

The Love Techs has Dr. Phil. The former math geeks behind Cambridge’s OkCupid think they have something much better: the formula for finally taking all the sketchiness out of online dating.

Junior Achievers

The anxious parent’s answer-filled guide to the Hub’s finest preschools.

The Right Private School for Your Kid

A prep school education, as any parent who’s ever signed a tuition check well knows, is a serious investment. And considering the money you’re laying out, not to mention the stress of the application process, you want to ensure your…

Varsity Blues

The 11 seniors on Marblehead High School's football team are kneeling among the dirty towels and discarded stereo equipment in the locker room at Blocksidge Field in Swampscott. It's 10 minutes before the last game they will ever play, and…