Luke O'Brien

Trouble in the House of Redstone

Starting with nothing more than a local theater chain and a streak of ambition, the Redstones built a media empire that ultimately would span the globe—then spent years fighting over it. Now the family is engaged in its biggest battle yet, between Sumner Redstone and his enigmatic daughter, Shari. Could this be the final act for one of the greatest business dynasties Boston has ever seen?

Mezrich Spins Facebook Potboiler

On July 14, a season ahead of schedule, Doubleday will flood bookstores with copies of The Accidental Billionaires, Ben Mezrich’s exposé on the social-networking giant Facebook. Hype around the book has been building since well before the 40-year-old Back Bay…

He’s With Tom

He started out as a Patriots intern. Then Will McDonough made a very important friend, and got himself a much, much sweeter job.