Maggie Brooks

Small Bite at Blue Inc.

Jason Santos’s new spot makes much of his wacky techniques — too bad razzle-dazzle doesn’t guarantee great food.

The 50 Best Restaurants in 2011

If it’s serious, considered advice on where to eat that you’re after, you need this: the intelligent diner’s guide to dining out now.

The 50 Best Restaurants 2011

SO YOU WANT TO KNOW what the hordes think about dining out in the city? Just pull up one of a million amateur-review websites or flip through a couple of those quote-filled guidebooks. But if it’s serious, considered advice on…

Small Bite at Redbones Rib Shack

The folks at Somerville’s Redbones have taken the next step toward citywide barbecue domination with their new rib shack in Kendall Square.

Al Fresco Feasts

Whether you want secluded and quiet, a place to take the kids, a killer view or all of the above, we have your top picnic spots at the ready right here. You Want a Place With a View Try: Corey…

The Ultimate: Buffalo Wings

On Super Bowl Sunday, nothing gets a crowd roaring like a plate of spicy, messy, Buffalo-style wings with chunky blue cheese dip and celery stalks.

The Ultimate: Fried Chicken

Highland Kitchen gets fried chicken right with its buttermilk-fried version, served only on Monday nights.