Mary Carmichael

Boston Top Doctors 2009: Boston’s Top Hospitals

THE BIG PLAYERS Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Known for top-notch cardiovascular care and treatment of digestive diseases, the BID sees about 750,000 patients every year, most of them through its main campus at Longwood. It also has a new…

Top Doctors 2009: The Doctors Are In (Progress) : Boston Medical Students

With more than 2,000 students enrolled at the Hub’s three major medical schools—not to mention the scores that flock to its world-class hospitals for training—the city is filled with young people you may one day know as your heart surgeon, or your kid’s pediatrician. Meet 12 of them today.

Bitter Pills

Harvard Medical School is under fire from critics for its ties to Big Pharma. While the school tries to sort it all out, two professors battle for its soul.

Why Your Doctor Needs a Raise

The good news: A year into our grand healthcare experiment, nearly everyone in Massachusetts has insurance. The bad: It’s never been harder to actually get in to see a doctor. The fix? Pay primary care physicians more. Lots, lots more.