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A Real Prince

Hey, Kevin James, do us a favor: please make your schlock somewhere else.

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A FALL HARVEST FAIR is a quintessential New England experience: The crisp scents of apples and hay bales fill the air; the leaves on the trees have started to crimson around the edges; and the shrieks of children reverberate from…

Hall Monitor

This month, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its latest class of inductees. Among the 15 performers and groups vying for canonization are Dorchester’s own Donna Summer and the guys from the J. Geils Band, who first got together in Worcester.

A Great Start: MFA Masterpieces

MFA curators, local arts historians, and artists weigh in on the best that the MFA has to offer, from the most famous pieces to the ones that should be just as famous.

The New MFA Wing: The Lazy Person’s Primer

FAMILY TIES Curators recently discovered that the woman in Mrs. Richard Patteshall (Martha Woody) and Child (1679), attributed to Thomas Smith, was Paul Revere’s great-grandmother, and that the girl is most likely his great-aunt Ann. LOCATED IN: Brown-Pearl Room, lower…