Matthew Reed Baker

The Arts Beat: Can Dog Biscotti Save Downtown Crossing?

WE USED TO CALL IT Downtown Crossing; now it’s just the Hole in the Ground, a Filene’s-shaped chasm threatening to swallow the once-vibrant retail district. While the nonprofit Downtown Crossing Partnership can’t do anything about the hole — that’s the mayor’s…

The Winter Adventure Guide

Just as you’re thinking about hibernating forever, New England is at its outdoorsy best. We’ll help you explore the most beautifully bracing months of the year, whether you’re skating, dogsledding, or coaxing syrup from maples. Ditch the Snuggie and get out there!

Omnivore: Hatfield’s Quiet Farewell?

When indie-rock icon Juliana Hatfield puts out Peace & Love on 2/16, fans will find her usual well-crafted songs but a different approach—at 42, she isn’t sure when, or if, she’ll make another one.

Then & Now: The Combat Zone

A photography exhibit remembers the city’s red-light district, while a new generation of Hub photographers shoots its cleaned-up streets.

Steep Seats

$1,000 for an office chair? Why some wheeled wonders are worth their extravagant price tags. Your shoulders are burning, your neck is aching, and your back hurts like hell—all because you’re at the office. That time spent hunched over the…