Paul Kix

Smug Index

Boston prides itself on being a haven of high-minded thinking, something that’s also made us insufferable.

J.P. Refuseniks: Enough Already

Here’s a thought for the overly earnest J.P. resident certain that the addition of a Whole Foods heralds high rent and misery: Don’t shop there.

Person of Interest: Ellen Zane

ELLEN ZANE IS MANY THINGS — a healthcare impresario, the current CEO of Tufts Medical Center, a woman of chic black power suits — but mostly she’s prescient. Scary prescient. Especially when it comes to anticipating changes in Massachusetts healthcare….

Insider Interview: Matt Siegel

THE CELL PHONE INTERRUPTS him. Matt Siegel has just left the studio, and, sitting now in his office, he wants to finish a story about Billy Costa, his cohost on Kiss 108’s Matty in the Morning radio show. Siegel is…

Tom Menino: Meddling While Boston Burns

IT WAS A TYPICAL TOM MENINO plan, by which I mean a plan to pile on top of so many others, accumulating like the snow of all the winter’s storms. The mayor highlighted it in Faneuil Hall while delivering his…

The Scapegoats

Two black politicians have already been convicted of taking bribes, but the real crime when it comes to awarding valuable liquor licenses in Boston is the abuse that remains perfectly legal. 

Connors’s Reign

CIVIC 1978–1985 Advertising Club of Boston 1978–1985 New England Broadcasting Association 1990–present American Ireland Fund 1998–2006 Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce 1998–2008 Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston 1999–present Jobs for Massachusetts 2007–present Camp Harbor View Foundation 2009–present Massachusetts Competitive…

Jack Connors: Heir Band

John FishCEO, Suffolk ConstructionHOW HE’S LIKE JACK: Fish speaks often about Connors being a mentor. He sits on roughly a dozen local boards, is a bigtime player in the business community, and can get Mayor Menino on the horn whenever…