Paul Kix

Team Effort

As VA hospitals struggle to meet rising demands, the Red Sox Foundation and Mass General have found a way to shore up care for local vets.

Scott Brown is the Most _________* Man In America

THE SEARCH FOR SCOTT BROWN CONTINUES. Minutes after President Obama signs the House’s version of universal healthcare into law, the Senate Republicans meet for a lunch in a Capitol anteroom just off the Senate floor. They are a testy bunch….

Politics: Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate Win

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2009It begins — or begins to end — with a secret that is hard to keep. In a bland three-story building on Second Street in Washington, DC, pollsters for the National Republican Senatorial Committee decipher a new…

Running Scared

Martha Coakley has many wonderful qualities. So why doesn’t her Senate campaign 
feature any of them?

In the Shadow of Woburn

The hearing is not going well for Jan Schlichtmann. He’s back in Woburn, the town that scarred him, drove him to madness, altered him forever, and then, still later, made him famous. Woburn has changed a great deal in the…

The Devil in Sal DiMasi

There was always golf to play—and now there is only that. Sal DiMasi can still lose himself in the game, a whole day out here under the sun, roasting away. His colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives laughed when…

The Argument: The Toll Road Not Taken

I do my best not to pick on our toll takers, because it’s really not their fault. Yes, they make more money than most Massachusetts teachers—around $70,000 including overtime, with full benefits, six weeks’ vacation (six! from collecting change!), and…

Since You Asked… February

  Why are there no musicals (anyone’s ever heard of) set here?Leonidas Nickole, professor emeritus of performing arts at Emerson College: The best musicals are sentimental love stories: Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy loses girl….