Paul Kix

Since You Asked…

Why was the Boston Garden named after, you know, a garden? Richard A. Johnson, coauthor of The Boston Garden and curator of the Sports Museum at the arena’s current incarnation, TD Banknorth Garden: Tex Rickard would have had something to…

Prescient to a T

James Michael Curley had the T all figured out decades ago. Here’s why we should have listened.

Melee at the Manor

A son of the Clair auto empire dies after a fistfight in his new mansion. Was it murder? Or a freak accident? The people of Dover didn’t take long to reach their verdict.

Voicebox Hero

Some of the most famous voices in the world — Steven Tyler, Julie Andrews, Dick Vitale — have entrusted their pipes to Steven Zeitels, a relentlessly creative MGH surgeon whose latest breakthrough may make him a savior to countless cancer victims as well.

The Shocking Truth

This is the machine. It is a gray square of hard plastic, looks like a garage door opener but is perhaps double the size of one. Inside this square is the circuit board and all that is evil and beneficent…

The Man Who Would Save the Economy

For over a decade, Richard Field’s system for helping hospitals shore up their books has languished without takers. Now it just might hold the fix for Wall Street’s scary credit crisis. Richard Field is the founder of the financial consulting…

Click, Click, Boom

With nothing more than a pair of laptops, Joseph Shahda is waging a do-it-yourself war on terrorism that is proving very successful at frustrating his targets. Not to mention the federal government. Joseph Shahda is thinking of buying a gun….