Rachel Slade

Summer by the Sea

With its stone-faced walls, heavy exposed beams, and large farm table, this seasonal kitchen takes its cues from Provencal homesteads.

Modern Embrace

A slick addition featuring Italian cabinetry works surprisingly well in this 19th-century Duxbury home.

All The Pretty Horses

Equestrian pursuits abound in Massachusetts, fueled by adoration for the steed and enough money to run a small country.

Off The Walls

Why let fashion have all the fun? Sumptuous wallpaper patterns share the spotlight with bold summer looks.

Dramatic Interlude

Windows may crack and wallpaper will fade, but silver and gold shine forever. Oji Masanori star trivet, $110, Mepra Due Ice Oro five-piece place setting, $121, dbO Home Glitz plate, $45, and Davlin rose-gold tray, $218, all Lekker Home; Roost…

Berkshire Bliss

IT’S A MID-AUGUST MORNING in Boston, and the sun is already melting the pavement. But while the city cooks, two and a half hours west in Berkshire County a heavy mist is keeping the fields damp and cool. Mornings out…