Rachel Slade

Study Room

DOES EVERY ARCHITECT DREAM of designing a tree house? Do they all hope to create a tiny, quirky building in the woods without plumbing, a place where a person could just sit and ponder? Eric Thompson did. Though the Columbus,…

From Medford With Love

STUNNING LOCAL EXAMPLE of midcentury style, or a vintage movie set? We thought the latter, and convinced proud homeowners Scarlett Bartlett and Adrian Gill to star in our imaginary spy thriller. Double Agent Bartlett approaches the compound to receive her…

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See which Boston home design ideas are sizzling and which are frigid.

Living Large

Rachel Slade’s off-kilter take on Hub dwellings.

Living Large

Rachel Slade’s off-kilter take on hub dwellings.

Living Large

Rachel Slade’s off-kilter take on hub dwellings.

The Closer

So what does it take to peddle mansions to millionaires in this market? A strong stomach. Boston’s top luxury broker, Tracy Campion, is sporting a sixpack—but is that enough?

Key Player

YOU CAN RECOGNIZE Louise Philbrick by the heavy-duty bandage on her right thumb. Like a pair of reading glasses or a favorite locket, it feels like a part of her — a constant reminder of the artist she has become….

Kitchens: Small Sensation

Photographs by Jamie Salomon Cabinets: DX202 light oak décor with aluminum edge and AL888 anodized aluminum, both Poggenpohl. Additional Cabinetry: Custom rift-sawn oak, Hawkes & Huberdeau Woodworking. Counters: Verti-Crete E169T soft glow sheen, Brooks Custom. Backsplash: Glacier Glass in Spring,…