Tom Matlack

The League of Extraordinary Biologists

What it’s like to be young, brilliant,  fawned over by multimillionaire investors, courted by universities and corporations around the world, and forever racing—sometimes as teammates, sometimes as rivals—to change medicine as we know it.

Q to the Rescue!

Bostonians know the Quabbin Reservoir as the source of their city’s water supply. Thanks to a tenacious UMass researcher and a zealous entrepreneur, the world may soon know it as the home of a microbe that could fuel a clean-energy revolution.

The Row Warrior

In rowing, and especially U.S. rowing, the open-weight single scull is the loneliest event. Long considered the sport’s glamour competition, the single in practice is a slow, grueling affair undertaken by the very best rowers in the world. Few of…