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HomeGoods launches its first-ever iOS app called The Goods.
Screenshot by Raquel Kaplan.

Screenshot by Raquel Kaplan.

HomeGoods, the discount home décor and accessories retailer, recently launched their first-ever mobile iOS app called The Goods. Think of the application as Instagram for the home design enthusiast.

The HomeGoods app is designed to offer a sneak peak at HomeGoods products in real time. This means shoppers can see items and prices at their local HomeGoods without taking a trip to the store. HomeGoods stores across the country—including the 24 Massachusetts locations—upload at least one photo of a new or recently received item every day. Product photos will vary because posts are moderated by each individual store, plus inventory varies between each location.

The Goods features all categories of merchandise, but will not showcase the entire store selection. In the last week, the Somerville location featured a tufted sofa, a Buddha bust, a cat stand, an Italian platter, and a barrel wine holder. Additionally, the Allston location shared a child-sized picnic table, a high-back bench, a set of giraffe salt and pepper shakers, a five-drawer wicker stand, and a ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ Pillow.

After users download the free app and create a profile (or sign in with Facebook), they can follow their local stores for the most up-to-date information. A “favorite” feature on the app is marked by a heart, and a “comment” feature is marked by a thought bubble—much like the popular social media app, Instagram. Users also have the option to share product photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and e-mail, allowing easy feedback from friends on décor choices.

The Goods is available for iOS users and can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store. This app is not currently available for Android users.


Screenshot by Raquel Kaplan.


Screenshot by Raquel Kaplan.

Raquel Kaplan Contributing Digital Editor