Here Are the Smallest Apartments for Sale Right Now

Saving space is trendy—and it's not cheap, either.
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863 Massachusetts Ave #32 in Cambridge is 450 square feet. / Photo via

Whether you read it as micro-living, living small, simple living, or some other pint-sized variation of the trend, all of these nicknames mean the same thing—minimal space.

Trimming down the square footage of living space is in, (as evidenced by this robotic space-saving furniture from MIT) so a look at the smallest houses for sale in Boston this month is only fitting. Real estate data firm NeighborhoodX compiled a list of the tiniest living quarters in the city, and ended up with 14 puny and pricey pads.

The smallest apartment for sale right now? A 255 square-foot studio in Beacon Hill. At the other end of the list is 18 Centre Street in Cambridge, a 458-square-foot one-bedroom. Unsurprisingly, the price tags skew high. The cheapest place is a one-bedroom in Hyde Park for $85,000, while the most expensive is going for $559,000 at the InterContinental on the waterfront.

“It is worth noting that studio and micro-apartments tend to sell for a higher price on a per-square-foot basis than do one-bedrooms in the same building or even the same neighborhood,” says NeighborhoodX founder Constantine Valhouli.

Case in point: the per-square-foot range starts at $200 and goes all the way up to $1,407. There is, however, an interesting mix of neighborhoods taking home those smallest apartment titles. See for yourself below.

For an interactive version, click HERE.

For an interactive version, click HERE.

Madeline Bilis Associate Editor at Boston Magazine @madelinebilis