One Great Room: Swedish Style

A little Scandinavian design to inspire, and we’re not talking Ikea!

Elegance meet simplicity. Featured in Residence and photographed by Marcus Lawett, this home is located in Malmo, Sweden. A floating curved sofa and trilogy of gold coffee tables are artfully composed on an light herringbone floor. Note the gorgeous decorative ceiling and modern chandelier. The fireplace showcases two clever styling ideas: Perfectly stacked wood is housed within the large fireplace and a collection of white vases double in number against the mirror. The small-scale artwork and floor lamp give the room an intimate feel.

A thick slab of white marble makes a delicious and decadent dining room table.

The casual home office doubles as a guest room.

  • Thoughts on Design

    Between you and me, I’m feeling very conflicted about the room in the first image. I don’t feel the right kind of tension between the original architecture and the modern decor. The architecture has been sanitized a little to much stylistically for me and the room comes across a little to styled vs. a room that a family actually uses and live in.

    As a designer, I can understand intellectually what’s going on, but it does not resonate with me. I need to feel more warmth and heritage from a house such as this.