See How the Other Half Lives with Downtown Boston BID’s Home Tour

Check out luxury properties in the neighborhood on this self-guided tour of DTX.

Millennium Place Social Room downtown crossing

Millennium Place Social Room / Photo Provided

The mere mention of “Downtown Crossing” conjures up a certain connotation for some people, who immediately think of the icky T stop and the world’s most disorganized Macy’s.

But the truth is, DTX is generally—as downtown should be—bustling with lively activities. Restaurants from JM Curley to Stoddard’s to Fajitas and ’Ritas are abuzz on weekends, venues like the Boston Opera House and Emerson’s Paramount Center bring the drama, and you can often find live entertainment on Summer Street, along with the arts market, street vendors, and so on. And hey, Filene’s? They recently filled her in!

This weekend, Downtown Boston BID wants to show people just how great and livable the neighborhood really is. On the “Downtown: Home Where the Heart Is” home tour, visitors can check out eight luxurious homes in DTX, including the Kensington, Millennium Place, and more.

Kensington Pool Patio downtown crossing

The Kensington Pool and Patio / Photos Provided

“The goal and intent of the show is to help people understand that this is a true neighborhood. There are so many high-amenity luxury buildings, with theaters, restaurants, and shopping,” says BID project manager Kristen Flanagan. “During the tour you’re encouraged to stop in a store, there’ll be cooking demos at the Old State House plaza, free admission to the Old State House, and the Flash Forward pop-up art exhibit.”

The tour’s target audience are both serious buyers or renters as well as people who—even though the real estate is out of their price range—are interested in gaining a new, ahem, perspective of the neighborhood. In other words: this is your chance to see how the other half lives.

“For example, there’s a building on Chauncy Street that looks nameless and faceless, but inside, they’re these beautiful little urban oases. Take the elevator up and you see a panorama of the Charles River or the harbor,” Flanagan says.

The walking tour is self-guided, so you can come and go as you please to the various locations. Attendees are also encouraged to take advantage of free admission to the Old State House, check out a cooking demo, relax in Salvatore’s hospitality suite, and stop by one of the Flash Forward Festival’s art exhibits currently on view.

The tour locations are as follows:

• 45 Province (home)
• 45 Province (condos)
• The Kensington (rental)
• Winter Place, Locke Ober (condos)
• Hamilton Crossing (rental)
• Millennium Place (residential club)
• 49 Temple (home)
• Devonshire (rental)

Attendees can also check out the following:

• Salvatore’s (hospitality suite, ticket pickup)
• 2 Avenue de Lafayette (Flash Forward art exhibit)
• Old State House (free admission and cooking demo)


Downtown Boston BID’s home tour takes place Saturday, May 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tickets are $25 (bring Mom for a discount—it’s Mother’s Day weekend after all). Pick up credentials at Salvatore’s Restaurant, 545 Washington St. For more info, visit