Roesti: Shredded-Potato Pancakes

Learn more about this Swiss breakfast staple and where to find it in Boston.

roesti swiss potato pancake

Photo by Ted Morrison
Food Styling by Jessica Weatherhead/Team

Roesti (pronounced roo-stee):

A traditional Swiss comfort staple, this thick, plate-size shredded-potato pancake is typically eaten for breakfast with toppings like fried eggs. Lately, it’s been making its way onto menus in Boston—most notably at Swissbakers’ brand-new, 14,000-square-foot café/bakery in Lower Allston. The roesti there (pictured) comes with another classic combination: smoked salmon and sour cream.

Roesti can also be found at Somerville’s PotatoFreak, Cambridge’s T. W. Food, and East Boston’s KO Catering and Pies (on the brunch menu).

Leah Mennies
Leah Mennies Leah Mennies, Senior Food Editor at Boston Magazine