The Goods: Local Foods We’re Digging This Month

This month, we’re into fudge brownies, coupole goat cheese, and cinnamon-sugar chubs.
local foods boston

Photos by Scott M. Lacey

Fudge Brownies

Brownie eaters fall into one of two camps: those who prefer light, cakey versions, and those who crave near-underdone, fudgelike squares. We fall firmly in the latter group, as do the folks behind the Hudson, Massachusetts–based e-tailer Harvard Sweet Boutique, which offers dense brownies layered with fillings like vanilla-sea-salt caramel, raspberry buttercream, and mint.

$20–$22 for six, available at

local foods boston

Coupole Goat Cheese

Lately, we’ve been stepping up our afternoon snack time with Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery’s aged goat cheese, which has a funky, gooey exterior and a fresh, creamy center.

$15 each, available at Bacco’s Wine & Cheese.

local foods boston

Cinnamon-Sugar Chubs

Essentially a cake-style doughnut hole with an elegant popover shape, these rich yet fluffy masterpieces from the Plate, in Milton, beg for a dunk in a hot mug of coffee (at least, that’s our justification for calling them “breakfast”).

75 cents each, available at the Plate.

Leah Mennies
Leah Mennies Leah Mennies, Senior Food Editor at Boston Magazine