The Best Breakfasts in Boston

From diners to dim sum, 39 ways Boston is revolutionizing the most important meal of the day.

Our list begins with Worldwide ’Wiches. From bocadillos to buns brimming with Teutonic meat loaf, here are seven of our favorite globe-spanning breakfast sandwiches. Because hey, it’s always 7 a.m. somewhere. —Scott Kearnan


Photograph by Jim Brueckner

Pictured above from left to right:


Toad in the Hole at Alden & Harlow

Chef Michael Scelfo reimagines the British classic, crowning buttery croissant bread with slow-poached egg, bacon jam, and Gracenote-coffee-based gravy.


Bocadillo at Toro

This perpetually packed tapas spot presses together house-made coppa and salt-cured pork neck with egg, pickles, potatoes, and Idiazábal, a smoky Basque sheep’s-milk cheese.


Breakfast Sandwich at the Haven

Loosen your kilt before binging on this brunch specialty: brioche coddling a flat sausage patty, fried egg, potato scone, and chive-speckled Cotswold.


Egg and Carne Arepa at the Middle Gray

The creative sammies at Brookline’s new café/art gallery include this arepa stuffed with brisket, farmer’s cheese, and hogao, a tomato-and-green-onion sauce.


Egg and Leberkäse at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen

Indulge your Deutscher side with leberkäse (beef, pork, and veal loaf) topped with egg and caramelized onions.


Breakfast Torta at Mike & Patty’s

This Bay Village spot may have new owners, but there are still lines out the door for its famed torta with fried eggs, pickled jalapeño, avocado, and mashed black beans.


Egg Sandwich at Sofra

Ana Sortun’s Cambridge bakery proffers this bacon-and-halloumi-cheese-draped masterpiece—its brioche brushed with vibrant feta butter.

  • Porsche Linn Trombley

    Glad Moody’s is enjoying such recognition for the spectacular doughnut recipe developed by a baker in Vermont (my husband) several years ago.

  • Jennifer J. Roberts

    I believe you meant “regulah coffee” any Bostonian worth their dunkies knows that!