Infographic: Where to Order Shots in Boston

From sorbetto shooters to pudding shots, here’s your guide to local swill from a shot glass.

While craft cocktails are no doubt here to stay, we’ve noticed a more (delightfully) lowbrow trend emerge: the return of the shot.

Formerly relegated to cheesy watering holes like Wonder Bar and The Greatest Bar, classier joints like Eastern Standard, Via Matta, and Citizen Public House all offer the mini boozy drinks now too, though they’ve been prettied-up with ingredients like fresh mint, sorbetto, and Angostura bitters.

Of course, in our shot research, we had to be fully comprehensive — meaning that in the infographic below, you’ll find everything from pricy tequila shots from Lolita to a concoction dubbed “Oxycontin” from T.C.’s Lounge (which, hopefully, you’ll still be able to order one day if and when they recover from yesterday’s devastating fire). From haute to horrifying (see: Bong Water), here are 24 shots you’ll find in Boston (click the image to see it in a larger format).

Shots in Boston

(Infographic designed by Liz Noftle/Boston magazine.)

  • Anthony

    There’s only 24 on here… am I crazy? Unless you’re counting the Pickleback as two…

  • Cedarglen

    No tweaks or garnishes needed. When I drink in a ‘Public’ establishment, it will be whiskey (or whisky for the purists) on rocks. I do not need or want, nor am I willing to pay for any fluff. If entertainment is necessary, I’ll consume two shots and then head for the theater. Those $12 – $25 ‘mixologist-created’ things are an annoyance.

  • Scarlet Carsen

    For all you absynth lovers, try the
    “dali dragon” at the Dali restaurant.