Beer Makes Everything Taste Better

The secret ingredient in these five dishes? Liquid gold. This as part of our feature on the best craft beer in New England.

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Cooking with beer
1. “Drunken” wings marinated in beer with tequila, lime, chili, and salt, $10, Five Horses Tavern. (All photos by Anthony Tieuli)

Cooking with beer2. Mussels steamed in PBR with coconut, ginger, Thai basil, and pork cracklings, $8.95, Redd’s in Rozzie.

Cooking with beer3. Aged-Gouda-and-cask-ale fondue with homemade pretzels and vegetables for dipping, $10, Stoddard’s.

Cooking with beer4. Guinness-stout-flavored ice cream, about $4.25 per regular scoop, Toscanini’s.

Cooking with beer5. Beer-can chicken with garlic broccolini, mashed potatoes, and lemon-caper sauce, $18, Savin Bar + Kitchen.

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