Best Places 2013

starting out

Best Places to Live 2013: Starting Out

The threat of yet another rent hike (or new roommate search on Craigslist) scared you straight months ago, and you've managed to sock away enough cash for a modest down payment. Congratulations! You're ready to join the hunt. Sky-high prices may shut you out of the posh suburbs and gold-standard neighborhoods, but here are some great sleeper locations for first-time home buyers.

moving up

Best Places to Live 2013: Moving Up

The second kid is on the way and your closets already look like an episode of Hoarders. (Is it possible your place is actually shrinking?) You need more space, for sure, but schools are a top priority. And you wouldn't mind shortening your commute....

going huge

Best Places to Live 2013: Going Huge

You're the broker's white whale—the all-cash buyer intent on a prestige address. Lucky you! But with great resources comes great responsibility…like figuring which swanky town to call home.