The Soy Story

Is it good for you? Is it bad? Who says what and why. Two dietitians weigh-in on the ongoing soy debate.

Holiday Fit Tips for Real People

Are you sick of the unrealistic, "avoid the dessert table" tips this holiday season? So are we.

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How to Survive the Thanksgiving Buffet

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a stuff-your-face-fest. Here are nutritionist tips to survive the day (and week).

The Truth About Going Gluten-Free

Celebs like Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow praise the gluten-free diet, but how "healthy" is the fad?

Is Coffee is Good for You?

Coffee is getting some good press lately, and Green Mountain is upping the game with a "Wellness Brewed" series.

How to Improve Your Brain Health

By making simple lifestyle changes, you can decrease your risk for Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Are Egg Yolks Healthy?

Ordering "egg whites only" may not be best for your health.