Home Economics

How to Decoupage

The craft of decoupage requires plenty of space and a dry environment, making it the perfect project to start in your basement this winter.

Yes You Can

Autumn in New England is the time to harvest nature’s bounty, but what to do with all of that wonderfully ripe fruit? Robin Cohen, of Arlington-based Doves and Figs, gives us a step-by-step guide to creating apple-cranberry preserves that can be enjoyed all year long.

Coming Up Roses

Master the art of flower arranging with these step-by-step instructions from Rose Mattos and Erin Heath, of Somerville’s Forêt Bespoke Floral & Installation Design.

homegrown tomatoes

Get Fresh

Follow these simple steps now, courtesy of Mahoney’s Garden Center manager Mark Cutler, for juicy homegrown tomatoes come August.