Joseph Kennedy III

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The Republican Tax Plan Could Hurt Massachusetts Home Buyers

House Republicans have finally released their big tax overhaul plan on Thursday, and unsurprisingly, it did not go over well with the state’s lawmakers. If approved, […]


Joe Kennedy Calls Trumpcare a “Historic Attack on Mental Healthcare”

The latest version of the Republicans’ replacement to the Affordable Care Act, scheduled for a House vote Thursday, presents a “historic attack on mental healthcare,” […]


This Joe Kennedy Cake’s Unfeeling Eyes Will Stare Deep into Your Soul

Celtics great and amateur space expert Bill Walton celebrated 420 this year alongside Rep. Joe Kennedy III, as well as a fondant likeness of the young […]


The Interview: Joe Kennedy III

The U.S. representative is fed up with gun violence and can’t understand why “compromise” is a dirty word in DC. But before the Camelot scion can change Capitol Hill, he needs to win in November.


Kennedy Says He’d Consider a Senate Run If Warren Tapped for VP

It’s been seven years since we’ve seen a Kennedy in the Senate. With a little nudge from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, that could […]


Six Reasons to Be Proud of Massachusetts Senators and Representatives

The @HouseGOP may run from a vote for common-sense gun measures, but they can’t hide. #NoBillNoBreak — Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) June 22, 2016 Following […]


Massachusetts Lawmakers Join Sit-In on House Floor to Force Gun Vote

Update: Wednesday, 4:32 p.m. Representatives Richard Neal and Bill Keating are also in attendance, per Elizabeth Warren. 3:15 p.m. Right on schedule, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has […]


Joe Kennedy III Might Be the Most Optimistic Guy in Congress

Joe Kennedy III seems remarkably upbeat for a guy who works at the most dysfunctional place on Earth, aka the U.S. House of Representatives. I […]


Q&A #7: When Will Joe Kennedy III Become President?

“John” asks: In the spirit of the day, will JPK the third ever run for president and who will be on the dem and rep […]


Kennedy Was the Only State Congressman to Vote Down Changes to the NSA Program

Congressman Joe Kennedy III was the only representative from Massachusetts, of the eight members voting in the House of Representatives, who voted down an amendment […]


Joe Kennedy III’s Arm Is in a Sling

Boston University communications professor John Carroll made an good point on his blog, noting that The Boston Globe’s Names column ran a photo of newly […]

The Road to Camelot

Joseph Kennedy III has officially stepped onto the great political launching pad of the Middlesex DA’s office.