L.L. Bean


A Maine L.L. Bean Factory Was Evacuated after a Bomb Threat

L.L. Bean workers were forced to evacuate a factory in Brunswick, Maine Thursday night after someone reportedly discovered a bomb threat written on a note. Police […]


An L.L. Bean Store Is Coming to Boston’s Seaport

L.L. Bean, the Maine-based outerwear company famous for its camping gear, jackets, and near-indestructible boots, is moving from the suburbs to the big city. It plans […]


Donald Trump and the Plight of L.L. Bean

A presidential tweet. Boycotts. Buyouts. 2017 is off to a rocky start for New England’s most iconic brand. Can new CEO Stephen Smith help his company get back on the right trail?


L.L. Bean Knows You’re Abusing the Return Policy

L.L. Bean is on to you. They know that some of their customers are taking advantage of their generous return policy, and may overhaul it. An […]


Donald Trump Tweets Support for Linda Bean after a Call for a Boycott

The executives at L.L. Bean could be forgiven for thinking this whole thing—a proposed boycott of their products over a family member’s donations to Donald […]


L.L. Bean Is Fending Off Trump-Related Boycott

Update, Thursday, January 12: Donald Trump this morning took to Twitter to heap praise on Linda Bean, the Trump donor at the center of the boycott controversy and lend […]


People Are Sharing Personal Memories About Fenway So They Can Win a Pair of Boots

Almost everyone from the Boston-area has some sort of memory that is connected to the Red Sox, or Fenway Park in general. The historically recognized […]


People Are Lined Up For L.L. Bean Tote Bags Made Out of Fenway Park’s Rain Tarp

This was the line outside of L.L. Bean in Burlington on Friday morning, where people waited patiently before the store even opened its doors for […]

L.L. (Cool) Bean

New England’s beloved outdoor brand explores a stylish new frontier.