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Cocktails for Two at Boston-Area Bars

Up the romance factor on your next date night with a modern craft cocktail designed for two—no scorpion bowls allowed.

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Four Savory Cocktails to Sip This Season

Dinner and a drink? Try drinks as dinner. Infused with a variety of herbal, meaty, and umami-rich accents, these creative cocktails have plenty of bite. By Jesse Schwartz

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Four Vermouth Cocktails Found Around Boston

Formerly a bit player, vermouth is having a moment thanks to its low-alcohol drinkability and a renewed interest in apéritifs. Ahead, four sessionable cocktails that highlight the quaff’s versatility.

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Brine Freeze

Local bartenders are going granular with a kitchen’s best friend: salt.

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La Vie en Gose

Lower in alcohol yet long on complex flavor, these locally brewed German-style sours are a discerning day drinker’s dream come true. Introducing Gose, the ultimate lawn-mower beer.