Liquid Diet

Four Vermouth Cocktails Found Around Boston

Formerly a bit player, vermouth is having a moment thanks to its low-alcohol drinkability and a renewed interest in apéritifs. Ahead, four sessionable cocktails that highlight the quaff’s versatility.

Brine Freeze

Local bartenders are going granular with a kitchen’s best friend: salt.

La Vie en Gose

Lower in alcohol yet long on complex flavor, these locally brewed German-style sours are a discerning day drinker’s dream come true. Introducing Gose, the ultimate lawn-mower beer.

Rock the Mocktail

Craving something complex, flavorful, and bubbly—sans booze? All you need is seltzer, ice, and one of four must-try flavor enhancers.

Step Up Your Bar Crawl

In this month’s beer extravaganza, we lay out 21 pilgrimage-worthy breweries across New England. Not ready to make the trek? It’s possible to sample a few must-try local varieties at beer bars right in town. Here, the five spots you don’t want to miss.

Down to Earth

To add savory complexity to cocktails, ­bartenders are increasingly using produce-infused juices, ­syrups, and spirits. Ahead, six new ways to drink your ­vegetables.

New Year, New Booze

With small-batch distilleries popping up everywhere from Belmont to Plymouth, we’re in the midst of a serious craft-spirit renaissance. Here, a cartload of ways to get your buzz on while lowering your carbon footprint.