Liquid Diet

Down to Earth

To add savory complexity to cocktails, ­bartenders are increasingly using produce-infused juices, ­syrups, and spirits. Ahead, six new ways to drink your ­vegetables.

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New Year, New Booze

With small-batch distilleries popping up everywhere from Belmont to Plymouth, we’re in the midst of a serious craft-spirit renaissance. Here, a cartload of ways to get your buzz on while lowering your carbon footprint.

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Lift Your Spirits

With just a few ingredients and a little patience, it’s possible to transform dusty old liquor-cabinet staples into party-ready libations. Use these suggestions from local pros—ranging from entry-level experiments to full-on projects—to guide your next booze infusion.

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Liquid Diet: Bully Boy’s Hub Punch

Distillers Dave and Will Willis have resurrected a forgotten, pre-Prohibition favorite in New England.


Hot Cocktail Ingredient: Celery

The crudité standby has evolved beyond mere bloody-mary stirrer. Here are four ways the vegetable—and its intense, leafy cousin lovage—are adding a refreshing twist to drinks around town.