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Mindy Kaling Talked about Her Pregnancy Publicly for the First Time

First, there were the gossip leaks. Then, there was Oprah Winfrey talking about it. But now, Cambridge native Mindy Kaling is finally speaking about her […]

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Mindy Kaling Gave Architectural Digest a Tour of Her Newly Renovated Home

I gave @archdigest a tour of my new home, designed by the great @katieridderinc. This is my study, my favorite room. A post shared by […]

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The Next Season of The Mindy Project Will Be the Last

Mindy Kaling is officially moving on to new things: Her eponymous sitcom is ending. Hulu has announced that the upcoming sixth season of The Mindy Project […]

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Mindy Kaling Had the Best Time Ever in New Zealand

Everyone’s favorite comedy queen left the States for Kiwi country a couple weeks ago and her Instagame has never been stronger. She was in New […]

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Mindy Kaling Realizes the Paparazzi Are More Interested in Rihanna Than Her

Mindy Kaling decided to use her time off from running her show The Mindy Project to take part in the all-female remake of Ocean’s Eleven (called Ocean’s Eight, […]

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Matt Damon Will Appear in Ocean’s Eight with Mindy Kaling

It sounds like Matt Damon isn’t done with the Ocean’s Eleven franchise just yet. The actor recently told Entertainment Tonight that he is set to […]

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Stephen Colbert Took Mindy Kaling Shopping on the Late Show

When you’re a big television star like Mindy Kaling, you don’t have a lot of time to do errands. That’s why Stephen Colbert decided to […]

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Massachusetts Stars Make Forbes’s Highest-Paid TV Actresses List

The world of television has been good to these Massachusetts stars. Forbes released its list of the world’s highest-paid TV actresses this week and several […]

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Mindy Kaling in Talks to Join Oprah in a Disney Movie

Get ready to see more of Mindy Kaling on the big screen. Following rumors of the Massachusetts native’s involvement in the all-female Ocean’s Eleven spinoff, […]


Mindy Kaling Stars in the Premiere of This New Food Network Show

On the Mindy Project, the namesake creator and star isn’t exactly a domestic diva. But Mindy Kaling isn’t as useless in the kitchen as her […]

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Mindy Kaling in Talks to Be in Ocean’s Eight

Remember that all-female remake of Ocean’s Eleven that was announced a while back? It sounds like they’re drawing some casting inspiration from the George Clooney […]

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Mindy Kaling Talks About Her ‘Morbid’ Fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mindy Kaling is flattered to have so many fans, but she wishes some of them were a bit more cheerful. The Mindy Project star and […]

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Mindy Kaling Calls Out Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap at 41st Gracie Awards

Mindy Kaling did not shy away from calling out Hollywood’s gender pay gap at the 41st Gracie Awards on Tuesday night. According to the Hollywood […]

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Andy Cohen Asked B.J. Novak If He and Mindy Kaling Hook Up

What’s your threshold for awkwardness? Is it 48 seconds of one famous person being asked if he has sex with another famous person? Then tune […]

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Mindy Kaling Shows Support for Boston Marathon Team

Mindy Kaling got into the Patriots’ Day spirit by giving a local Marathon team a social media shout out on Monday morning. The Mindy Project […]