‘I’m Robert Kraft. Do You Know Who I Am?’

He has billions of dollars, the winningest NFL team this millennium, and a reputation for boundless generosity. So why is Robert Kraft so desperate for our attention? —By Robert Huber

Bernie Sanders Is Cold As Ice

He’s chilly with staff, frosty with fans, and regularly ices out reporters. So how is the socialist firebrand from Vermont suddenly torching Hillary Clinton in the race for president? —By Harry Jaffe

Mad Women

Want to make it to the top of the advertising industry? No problem: Just survive a gauntlet of wage discrimination, sexism, and mommy-tracking. Here’s how three superstar Boston execs overcame the social costs of being a woman in the workplace. —By Tessa Stuart

The Unstoppable Maura Healey

She’d never held political office. To become the nation’s first openly gay Attorney General, she trounced a Democratic insider. Now she’s going after casinos, the Olympics, overpaid CEOs, and the opiate epidemic. Just who does this woman think she is?

Greg Selkoe’s Bad Karma

He built the nation’s hippest online clothing company into a $127 million e-commerce titan. When Karmaloop filed for bankruptcy in March, everyone wanted to know: How did it all go wrong?

The Tao of Scott Zolak

Beers, balls, a Beetle, and Brady, baby: How Scott Zolak went from Pats backup to the best seat in the house.

Pedro Martinez’s Greatest Game

Down by one at Yankee Stadium at the turn of the century, Martinez shocked the world with a comeback that lives for the ages. On the eve of Pedro’s induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, we talked to the players who rode with history on that fateful night in the Bronx.

Barbara Lee: Wonder Woman

Since the late 1990s, ­Barbara Lee has ­wagered her fortune on building a world-class modern-art museum in Boston and trying to get a woman elected to the White House. Will this finally be her year?