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Chris Evans Told His Mom When He Lost His Virginity

He may spend his on-screen days punching aliens and beating up bad guys, but in real life, Captain America is just a big mama’s boy. […]

Rachel Dratch
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Rachel Dratch’s Mom Tried to Make Reservations at Chipotle

Rachel Dratch’s mom has an embarrassing Chipotle story, and it’s not because she got food poisoning. The Lexington native told the story last night on Late […]

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Seth Meyers Found Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey

The Texas Rangers can go home, because Seth Meyers just found Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey. The Late Night with Seth Meyers host found the […]

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Mindy Kaling Realizes the Paparazzi Are More Interested in Rihanna Than Her

Mindy Kaling decided to use her time off from running her show The Mindy Project to take part in the all-female remake of Ocean’s Eleven (called Ocean’s Eight, […]

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David Ortiz Talks Kenan Thompson’s Big Papi Impression with Seth Meyers

A photo posted by Late Night with Seth Meyers (@latenightseth) on Sep 26, 2016 at 10:19pm PDT As the David Ortiz farewell tour comes to […]

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Seth Meyers Completes the Boston Fans’ Late-Night Takeover

With Monday night’s debut of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Boston sports fans have completed their long-awaited infiltration of the  New York-centric world of late-night […]

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Seth Meyers: SNL Probably Won’t Help Mitt Romney

“I can never tell. That’s for other people to guess,” Meyers says about whether or not appearing on “Saturday Night Live” helps candidates get elected. […]

Q&A: Seth Meyers

The Saturday Night Live writer on joke etiquette, the Red Sox, and why it’s so hard to make fun of Mitt Romney.