Sex in Boston 2016: This Is How We Do It

Now more than ever, Bostonians’ sexual identities, mores, and mating habits have become fluid. Confessions from the front lines of our secret sexual revolution. —Edited by Rachel Slade and Julie Dugdale

Boston Sex, By the Numbers

In November 2015, Boston contracted Strategic Opinion Research to conduct a survey of 612 Bostonians aged 18 to 54. Here’s what we found.

Two Boston Singles Gripe About Hookup Culture

Cheryl,* 29, lives in Brookline and owns a business on Newbury Street. Rick,* 34, has a tech job at a major university and resides in Cambridge. Both are single and active in the local dating scene. Over cocktails at Stephanie’s on Newbury, the two met for the first time to discuss their dating experiences.

The Sex Machine

Jon Gross is having more sex than you. Way, waaaaay more sex, and with way more people’s spouses. So how exactly did this middle-aged New England plumbing-supplies salesman find the secret to free love, make friends with porn stars and multimillionaires, and become America’s king of swingers?

Sex and the Single Monk

In 2011, a community of Buddhist monks in Lowell announced plans to build one of the largest and grandest temples in the country. The $10 million structure would signal that the city’s Cambodian Americans had at last entered the mainstream. Then came accusations of financial impropriety and political backstabbing. And then came a secretly recorded video of a monk having sex.