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Patriots 2017 Super Bowl Parade square

Photos from the 2017 Super Bowl Parade

On Sunday, Pats fans reveled in a historic comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons and even in the face of sleet, wind, and near-freezing temperatures, they […]


Tom Brady Has a Sense of Humor About His Inability to Tackle

For a long time there, things were looking pretty bleak for the Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday. They couldn’t score, they gave up a fumble, […]

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Matt Damon Masqueraded as Tom Brady to Get on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Super Bowl champion Tom Brady made a quick stop to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on February 6. Or did he? Actually, that’s local boy Matt Damon […]

Tom Brady Super Bowl 2017

Tom Brady Suspects His Super Bowl Jersey Was Stolen

Move over, Gardner heist. Boston’s got a new whodunit. In a video tweeted by the NFL after New England’s historic comeback win in the first overtime […]


Roger That—Tom Brady and His Fifth Ring Star in a New Shields MRI Commercial

The folks at Shields MRI, like the rest of us, are taking a victory lap today. They just aired an updated version of their commercial starring Tom […]


Patriots Make History, Win Super Bowl in Overtime

Well, that was unexpected. The New England Patriots suffered some of their biggest deficits of the season, gave up two turnovers that resulted in touchdowns, […]


Police Still Looking for Dead New Hampshire Man with Head Tattoos of Tom Brady’s Helmet

Do you love the Patriots? Like, love the Patriots? Chances are, not as much as Victor Thompson. The 48-year-old New Hampshire man was twice arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida […]

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Tom Brady and Dwight Freeney Face Off in Conan’s Super Bowl Edition of ‘Clueless Gamer’

“The Patriots won!” Conan exclaims. No, not the Super Bowl, just an episode of O’Brien’s segment “Clueless Gamer,” featuring a timely match-up of New England’s […]


Trump Says Belichick Hugged and Kissed Him, Said ‘I Love You’ at Patriots Game

Trump-Patriots takes are a stale variety only getting staler. The three most prominent figures at the helm of a football franchise beloved by a predominantly liberal […]


Roger Goodell: ‘It Would Be an Honor’ to Hand Tom Brady the Super Bowl Trophy

With the Patriots prepared to appear in their record ninth Super Bowl, and first since the Deflategate fiasco, many Pats fans are already fantasizing about […]


How and Why Is Tom Brady Aging So Well?

Tom Brady may feel better than ever, but at almost 40 years old, he’s ancient in professional football years. So how, as Sunday night’s AFC […]


Donald Trump Spent Inauguration Eve Name-Dropping Brady, Belichick, and Kraft

There’s a Patriots fan in the Oval Office. On the eve of his inauguration as 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump name-dropped not […]


Gisele Bundchen’s Hat Makes News

When most people wear a hat, nobody cares. But when Gisele attends a hockey game with her star quarterback husband fresh off of his team’s […]

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Tom Brady Impersonates The Rock, Sends Him Pajamas

Tom Brady is taking a few lessons from the WWE to hype up the release of his new Athlete Recovery Sleepwear line from Under Armour. […]

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Tom Brady Sells Ridiculous Sleep Products in Funny or Die Parody

Tom Brady is going all in with his new line of “Athlete Recovery Sleepwear.” After debuting his new “TB12 recovery technology” for Under Armour earlier […]