Top Docs 2014

A Day in the Medical Life

We supplied a Nike FuelBand to five healthcare workers and asked each participant to track his or her stats for a full 24 hours. The result: a glimpse into their hectic, unpredictable, and occasionally miraculous daily lives.

Somewhere Over the Brainbow

Harvard neurobiologist Jeff Lichtman isn’t being humble when he suggests that he knows almost nothing about the brain. He and the team at his eponymous lab are using the most powerful microscope on the planet to map the connectome—the intricate network of neural connections that defines who we are. The result: a series of stunning images that Lichtman has dubbed the “Brainbow.” Here, he explains the daily beauty he encounters as he goes about his work.

This Guy Got 200,000 Women Knocked Up*

*Paris Wallace claims that his Boston-based startup Ovuline has helped thousands of women conceive with the help of its fertility app. And I want to be next.