Variations on a Theme


Field of Greens: Four Standout Salads Served Around Boston

With the rise of inventive cafés and surprisingly chic health-centric storefronts, Boston—let’s face it, long a salad desert—finally has some deeply satisfying grown-from-seed entrée alternatives. Here are four crisp, verdant exemplars of the form, jam-packed with produce and tossed with flavorful, creamy-crunchy accessories.


The New Flock: Four Fantastic Fried Chicken Dishes in Boston

For a city full of northerners, Boston’s no slouch at serving up a mean piece of fried chicken. Sure enough, it’s been a banner year for battered-poultry aficionados, with the debut of four worthy exemplars of the crunchy, flour-dredged art form to add to the old “bucket” list. Here, we break them down according to provenance, prep, and plating.


Orange Crush: Boston Chefs Elevate the Common Carrot

In this locavore age, vegetables have begun to garner the same respect from chefs as a premium cut of beef. A prime example: the common carrot. Here are some ways that area restaurants are taking the tender taproot to new heights.

toast bruschetta crostini crispy bread

Toast of the Town

Whether you call it bruschetta, crostini, or, simply, toast, this crisp bread (and all its toppings) has become the snack du jour.

creative ways to cook chicken

Ruling the Roost: How Restaurants Get Creative with Chicken

Once the safe choice on a menu, chicken is no longer a cop-out. Chefs have begun giving poultry the same creative treatment as that other perennial culinary-world darling, pork. Here’s a look at how local restaurants are using every part of the bird for dishes that are anything but tame.