Variations on a Theme

taco sq

Taqueria Takeover

What’s better than a giant platter of tacos? A giant platter of tacos overflowing with everything from blowtorched avocado to plump fried oysters. Adios, shredded Jack.

grain bowl sq

Go with the Grain

Long a mainstay of juice bars and health-food counters, the hippie-chic grain bowl is enjoying a star turn in stylish cafés and restaurants citywide. Here, four creative takes on the form.


Field of Greens: Four Standout Salads Served Around Boston

With the rise of inventive cafés and surprisingly chic health-centric storefronts, Boston—let’s face it, long a salad desert—finally has some deeply satisfying grown-from-seed entrée alternatives. Here are four crisp, verdant exemplars of the form, jam-packed with produce and tossed with flavorful, creamy-crunchy accessories.


The New Flock: Four Fantastic Fried Chicken Dishes in Boston

For a city full of northerners, Boston’s no slouch at serving up a mean piece of fried chicken. Sure enough, it’s been a banner year for battered-poultry aficionados, with the debut of four worthy exemplars of the crunchy, flour-dredged art form to add to the old “bucket” list. Here, we break them down according to provenance, prep, and plating.


Orange Crush: Boston Chefs Elevate the Common Carrot

In this locavore age, vegetables have begun to garner the same respect from chefs as a premium cut of beef. A prime example: the common carrot. Here are some ways that area restaurants are taking the tender taproot to new heights.