Seven Quenching Summer White Wines for Under $25

White wines may never inspire the same sort of hallowed reverence as their inky, tannic, heavily macerated counterparts, but they at least get their due […]


Direct Wine Shipping No Longer Bottled Up in the Bay State

Cheers, Governor Deval Patrick. That’s what wine lovers are saying about the latest developments in the long battle to allow connoisseurs to order crates of […]


Five Reasons to Visit Spoke Wine Bar

Prior to her love affair with wine, Spoke owner Felisha Foster was a women’s college basketball coach at The University of South Alabama, where her […]


Eight Chilled Red Wines for Summer

It might be hot outside, but that doesn’t mean red wine needs to take a backseat to beer, cider, or some insipid pinot grigio. In […]


Ball Square Fine Wines Rolls Out a Rare Bourbon

A relative newcomer to the American spirits scene, but one that’s been receiving plenty of attention since its arrival, Angel’s Envy is the micro-distilling side venture […]


Coravin Issues Warning About Exploding Wine Bottles

The company behind Coravin—the wine preservation and extraction system that uses argon gas in lieu of popping a cork— issued a statement on June 2, […]

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Stemless Wine Glasses for Every Occasion

Although crystal-clear is always a classic option, stemless wine glasses can be painted, frosted, and even infused with bubbles. Change it up with some of these […]


Fine Wine, with a Cheap Finish?

An answer to the wine-tipping conundrum.


Local Picks: The Health Benefits of Wine

It seems like wine can do no wrong. From lowering depressive symptoms, to benefiting the immune system, to killing lung cancer cells, new amazing uses […]

Arts & Entertainment

What You Missed at the Boston Wine Expo 2014

As wine lovers poured into the Seaport World Trade Center this weekend, the outstanding factor of this year’s Boston Wine Expo was the incredible variety […]


Muscat Love: Eastern Standard’s Colleen Hein Shares Five Dessert Wine Crushes

Because it’s never a bad idea to end on a cordial note.


Let Cooler Reds Prevail: The Best Temperature for Drinking Red Wine

The scourge of the whites-only wine fridge.


Changes to Wine Direct Shipping Laws Are Fermenting on Beacon Hill

Wine connoisseurs are looking to stomp out state laws that keep companies from selling their products to people in Massachusetts by barring them from delivering […]


Immaculate Consumption: The Coravin Wine-Access System

A Woburn inventor takes his passion for corked wines on the road.

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Raise a Glass

Toast the town this fall with sparkling stemware.