The Un-Veiling: Bridal Headpieces to Complement (or Replace) Your Wedding Veil

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Veils are the epitome of classic bridal beauty. The simplicity of sheer tulle can be exquisite. But with bolder looks like Kim Kardashian’s jeweled headpiece and Anne Hathaway’s swan-like head wrap becoming more popular, there are plenty of options for blushing brides who want more than just a blusher.

Statement pieces that mix intricate beading with delicate fabrics are an elegant, modern choice. Doloris Petunia by Courtney Prince offers one-of-a-kind headpieces for brides on Etsy — here are some of my picks:

Classic Crystal and Petal Bandeau – Mini
This is a perfect pick if you want a bit of bling, a whisper of whimsy, and a touch of traditional tulle. Swarovski crystals and vintage hand-pressed organza and silk petals create a romantic, feminine feel:

All images courtesy of Doloris Petunia by Courtney Prince.

Crystal and Flower Petal Headdress
Prefer a fuller, more dramatic look? This avant-garde headdress is the perfect fairytale finish. According to Prince’s description, it can also be worn as a sash, adding texture and sparkle to your dress:

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Hippie Headband with Silk Petal Sides
If you can’t decide between boho-chic and Gatsby-glam, try this crystal headband. The beautiful baubles and pretty petals punch up your look while keeping it classy:

If you’re not sure if you want to wear these pieces with or without a veil, you can always opt for a veil during your ceremony and change to a headpiece for your reception. Or, skip the veil altogether. It’s your big day, so don’t be afraid to break the mold and be yourself.

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