Country Weddings

20 Station St.
Hingham, MA 02403
Phone: 781-749-5574
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With twenty years in the business, family-run Country Weddings can adorn your entire bridal party in shoes, gowns and jewels from a variety of couture designers. And with its on-site seamstress, this full-service boutique can streamline the often tedious process even more for you.

User Reviews (1) :
At first, I would have given Country Weddings a great review; however, I would NEVER recommend anyone go to this store! There are so many other bridal shops you can go to, so why chose one who's owner is just plan RUDE! Here is my story: I bought my Jim Hjelm dress at Country Weddings and LOVED it! I am on the short side, so I paid $150 extra to have a "hollow to hem" measurement taken to ensure the proportions of my dress were for someone my height. The FIRST time I went to pick up my dress, I thought the dress looked a bit short, but the owner said it was perfect, and with the emotion of the day, I believed her. A little while later I brought the dress to my seamstress who not only agreed with me on the length, but also showed me in front of the mirror that the hem was not EVEN!! It was shorter is some places. It was now that I noticed the hem was HORRIBLE and my seamstress agreed - it bubbled and it was not flat. I immediately contacted Country Weddings and they arranged for me to bring the dress back form them to send back to NY. While the measurement was taken to ensure the proportions, the other owner did agree with me that the hem should be perfect, especially where I paid extra for this service. When I got there, I tried the dress on and we all agreed the hem was not even and there were bubbles. I just went and picked the dress up for a second time, and there are STILL BUBBLES!!! When I pointed this out to the owner, she was increasingly RUDE!! She told me that that was how the dresses were made and she had checked all the samples and they were the same way. 1, if that is how they are made, why did she agree with me about the bubbles when we initially sent it back to NY and 2, if she thought it was acceptable, why would she have taken the time to compare my dress to the samples? The owner's recommendation? PAY TO HAVE MY SEAMSTRESS FIX IT!!!!! I had just spent 3400 (150 extra for this measurement) and she was telling me to pay my seamstress to fix it!! When talking with the owner she did say she could see the bubbles, but that no one else would focus on them - I am sorry, but after spending a lot of money in this store, her recommendation to pay to have my dress fixed somewhere else was absolutely ridiculous!!! I wish I went somewhere else!!!!!!!!
Posted by Beau: Jul. July 12th, 2009 at 7:00 AM
Omg. I'm waiting for "Ain't nothin' wrong with bein' a little gay."

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